ViteNera Albarino White Wine


The grape is noted for its distinctive botanical aroma with a citrous undertone, very similar to that of Viognier, Gewurztraminer, and Petit Manseng, suggesting apricot and peach.

The wine produced is unusually light, and generally high in acidity with alcohol levels of 11.5–12.5%. Its thick skins and large number of pips can cause residual bitterness.



Albariño or Alvarinho is a variety of white wine grape grown in Galicia (northwest Spain) and Northwest Portugal (Monção and Melgaço), where it is also used to make varietal white wines. Albariño is the Galician name for the grape; in Portugal it is known as Alvarinho, and sometimes as Cainho Branco.

It was presumably brought to Iberia by Cluny monks in the twelfth century but recent studies point to albariño/alvarinho being native to Galicia-Portugal. Both the Galician name “Albariño” and Portuguese “Alvarinho” derive from albo


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